About YME Foundation

Yme is a norwegian foundation that works to improve water and sanitary installations in Africa. Furthermore we build and run educational training centers. This means we work across the entire local communities.

Primary needs such as access to clean water, food, education and work is the key to eliminating the poverty millions of people live in today. Yme anchors it work within six values:
  1. Justice
    We have both moral obligation and practical tools, to help people out of poverty. We have a special responsibility to the weakest groups. Therefore we prioritise to work in the most difficult areas, with the people who needs it most.
  2. Openness and responsibility
    We must be openminded and responsible in our meeting with people, cultures and challenges. We must listen and encourage to cooperation through dialog with persons, local communities and authorities.
  3. Practical, lasting solutions
    We must work to create solid solutions, adapted to local needs, with a high level of quality in everything we do: planning, execution and follow up. Our projects must have a lasting effect and lead to derivative developments in the society.
  4. Ownership and pride through participation
    We do not view the local communities as passive recipients of aid, but as active participants who take control and lead the development of people and community. We want the people and local partner organisations we work with, to feel pride and take ownership of the work that is being done. This way we can build good, lasting solutions.
  5. Development in the field and home
    Developments in the field means that our projects must give results which the local community or other players cannot deliver.
    Development at home means that we also want to anchor all projects home in our own local communities; both within diaspora and other environments.
  6. Innovative partnerships
    We seek a close cooperation with business, educational institutions, research communities and political environments - both out in the field and at home. We do this through innovative solutions which secures exchange of competencies with non-traditional aid organisations, as well as education of the local community.

You can reach the yme foundation through the contactform in the bottom of the page - or through the following channels:

Web: www.yme.no
FB: https://www.facebook.com/stiftelsen.yme/
Phone: +47 900 355 34
Adress: Strandgaten 1, 4836 Arendal
Org. nr: 877 142 612


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