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When you donate to Prof Adow, all the money goes directly and uncut into the operations at the school. It gives us the possibility to offer quality education to more young people. It only takes 20€ to secure a young person education for one year and the effects in the local community are significant: For each 1 euro you donate to Prof Adow School, the estimated positive derived effects for the local community in Galkayo amounts to 30 € !  Make your contribution now, to help us improve and expand the school and number of students we can educate.


Your donation makes a big diference

20 €
200 €
600 €
Gives 1 student(s) education for one full year
For every € donated, the school receives 9 € in additional grants
Is the calculated gain for the local community
You give 20 €

You are donating 20€ to the cause

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