Professor Adow TVET center (Prof Adow) in Galkayo, Mudug, Somalia is a product of a long partnership between Yme Foundation (Yme), Gurmad for Sustainable Aid (GSA) and NorSom organization (NorSom). Since its opening in 2013, Prof Adow has had an intake of new students every year and has to date graduated more than 1,000 students. In 2019 the amount of female students reached 42%. Ninety percent (90%) of graduates are estimated to be in gainful employment.

Prof Adow has established a solid reputation as an institution of excellence and quality education. The local community, local authorities, diaspora community and development partners hold it in high esteem and value its services. It has now become the cornerstone of the TVET+ programme; a network of educational centers with integrated business hubs. Read more



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